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The customer contacted us in the fall of 2018. This growing, NE Ohio home builder was experiencing fast growth and projecting that their sales would require additional staff and space. 

color match image 1 - gen2 work panels with gen2 mark


A new building with lots of open space was acquired in Cleveland. The architect envisioned an open floor plan but also knew that the designers would need privacy to work.  They needed individual space without visual and acoustic distractions.   He also envisioned a space that told the story of the company.



When Lisa Musarra met with the architect, a floor plan and workstation design were created with large individual spaces, deep worksurfaces and plenty of storage. 


gen2 wall with gen2 mark


Because of gen2’s custom capabilities, the customer was able to construct workspace that worked perfectly for them and integrate their corporate color in their furniture throughout the space. Custom designed collaboration spaces, writable surfaces, and touchdown spaces were just what the customer needed for their custom-designed workspace!gen2 wall


gen2 office furniture can be customized with any paint color. Choose a Pantone, Sherwin Williams,  gen2 or any other major furniture manufacturer color. gen2s capabilities allow for far more flexibility than other major manufacturers. 




Not only can you pick from the largest paint selection, but customers can also specify custom worksurface designs. 

Vertical panels can be built to size with a variety of other finishes including painted glass, windows, laminate, fabrics, vinyl, acrylics, metals, and markerboards.  Our customization options are endless

gen2 wall with gen2 mark painted glass



Pick your style, pick your size, pick your paint color with gen2!




Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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What it takes to spin a good yarn!

Posted By gen2 Admin
January 08, 2020 Category: Knowledge

That plastic bottle you tossed into the recycling bin yesterday could end up in the chair you’ll be sitting in tomorrow! Well, perhaps not quite that fast, but eventually. It may seem hard to believe, like many a well-spun yarn (story), but in the textile industry, it’s actually true. That’s because the basic component in the textile manufacturing industry—fiber—can be either natural or synthetic. A fiber is a substance that’s significantly longer than it is wide. Natural fibers (known as staple fibers) develop or occur in the fiber shape and come from animal, vegetable and mineral sources, such as wool, silk, cotton and linen. Then there are synthetic, or man-made, fibers (known as filament fibers), which are cellulosic, thermoplastic and mineral in nature. Their chemical composition is significantly modified during the manufacturing process, and they are used to produce rayon, polyester, nylon and fiberglass. This is not the type of fiber your doctor tells you to eat for good health, but it definitely supports a healthy textile industry! Is one type of fiber better than the other?                 Similar to how both true and fabricated elements can go into spinning a good story or yarn, both natural and synthetic fibers can be spun into yarn in the textile industry. Yarn is simply a group of fibers twisted together to form one continuous strand, and then many strands are woven into fab

Binary Defense

Posted By gen2 Admin
December 12, 2019 Category: Case Studies

gen2 sits down with Dave Desimone and discusses the move to Stow, Ohio and the process of working with gen2. What is Binary Defense? Binary Defense is a managed security services provider (MSSP) with leading cybersecurity solutions that include Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-service, Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and Counterintelligence. With our human-driven, technology-assisted approach, Binary Defense is able to provide its clients with immediate protection and visibility, combating and stopping the next generation of attacks that your business faces.   Binary Defense was founded with the purpose to change the security industry for the better and help organizations defend against threats of all kinds. Built, tested, and constantly improved upon by top security researchers and hackers with the focus of detecting and protecting against next-generation threats, Binary Defense’s cybersecurity solutions will improve your organization’s security posture today and continue to do so into the future. The Design Process Designers comments regarding working with Binary Defense and identifying their needs within their new space. The design consultant that worked with Binary Defense regarding this new location project said "Working on this project was a lot of fun. Not only did Mike and Dave (seen above) provide great direction, they allowed me to have creative control and really show th

gen2 Tables Brookpark Series Showcases Industrial Design

Posted By gen2 Admin
September 25, 2019 Category: Whats New, Featured Product

Industrial style or industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. Components of industrial style include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures, and concrete. The price tag that comes with this look can be quite hefty! gen2 Brookpark Series takes the functionality and look of the industrial design and delivers an affordable and sturdy table that is the perfect addition to any environment.                             Wanting the strength and dependability of an industrial table but with a different look?       Markerboard laminate can be used to make the perfect training tables, casters add mobility without compromising the Brookpark Series noted strength and stability.   For more information about these products and more - contact

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